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Let's be real, nothing is worse than…

  • Struggling to get out of bed, living in a fog, feeling like crap, and always running around on an empty tank.
  • Continually prioritizing everyone and everything over your own self care.
  • Telling yourself over and over you need to start eating healthy and taking better care of yourself, but then never actually doing it.
  • Not feeling like yourself, and knowing there is a better version of you and a greater life experience waiting.

Good news - you can put an end to this and stop struggling now.

That’s where 21 Cleanse comes in.  21 Cleanse is my step by step, therapeutic grade herbal cleanse system that helps you detox your body of harmful toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants so you can upgrade your energy, elevate your health, and get on track with positive, plant based food choices.

21 Cleanse has helped over 650 people up-level their body and mind - so they can create real change and positive transformation in their health, be the best version of themselves, and create positive results in their life.  It's also helped them lose stubborn weight, so they feel good in their body again.

This is what is available for you when you do 21 Cleanse.

And now we are doing it together!


21 VIP Cleanse

My name is Nykki Hardin.  I am a Nutrition and Detox Coach and the formulator of 21 Cleanse. I help women and men just like you purify their body of harmful toxins and chemicals, and get on track with healthy nutrition so they can elevate their health and find freedom with food.

This is the best way to enhance your body's natural energy, to boost your brain so you can make smart decisions, and to feel good again so you are actually engaged and excited about your life.

After over 25 years of studying nutrition and natural healing around the globe, as well as helping over 650 people transform their bodies and lives, I am so happy to share my newly enhanced 21 VIP Group Cleanse program.

We kickoff February 3rd, and I really hope you join us.  But space is limited, and registration end January 31st, so please say yes quickly.

So What Exactly is 21 VIP Cleanse?

21 VIP Cleanse is my proven, therapeutic grade herbal cleanse program to help you remove the toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants from your body so you can elevate your health and make peace with food.  It can help you undo the damage of living a fast paced lifestyle, and support you in getting on track with healthy, plant based nutrition choices.

As a result, you become empowered to tap into your natural, inherent energy and boost your mental clarity so you can be the best version of yourself and create real, positive results in all areas of your life.

It will help you:

  • Boost your energy so you are excited to get out of bed in the morning, and so you can be more productive during the day.
  • Increase your mental focus and clarity, clearing the brain fog so you make smarter decision and consistently create positive results.
  • Let go of dead weight in your life, as well as on your body.
  • Be the best version of yourself so you have the energy to do the things you love and have a greater quality of life.

Even better, it will help you:

  • Boost your mood and your mindset, so you feel happy, positive and inspired about everything you do.
  • Shift from perspiration to inspiration so life feels effortless and rewarding.
  • Take bold, confident action and new initiative in areas of your life you have been dragging your feet .
  • Have more time and energy for your relationships, your family and for yourself.
  • Experience a richer, more meaningful quality of your life.

21 will empower you to create empowering health with a solid, unbreakable foundation so no matter what life throws your way, you have the energy, the strength and the positive mindset to keep making good choices and moving in the right direction.

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“I spent years struggling to have consistent energy and positivity despite “doing all the right things”- eating healthy, exercising, yoga, meditation…

I regularly struggled to get out of bed in the morning, found myself dragging thru the day, and lacked motivation to take positive, confident action to create my life.

From the outside looking in things looked great – I looked in perfect health, had my own business, lived a few blocks from the water in Los Angeles, traveled the world... But from the inside out it was a different story.

I knew it didn't have to be this way, and so I went searching around the world for solutions to take control of my situation.  I studied Ayurveda in India, managed detox programs at cleansing and fasting retreats in Thailand, and managed a metabolic testing lab.

I saw and experienced the power of full body detox using herbs and food to rapidly transform the body, mind and Spirit. So I got busy, and created my own therapeutic grade herbal formulas and organic supplements, and put together the strategic nutrition program.  Thus was born 21 Cleanse.

21 VIP Cleanse is the exact strategy I used to turn my health and my life around – so my health works for me, I don’t work for my health.  I'm happy to say it has now helped over 650 people do exactly the same - so they too live with empowering health and can channel this into every area of their life.

It took me years to figure out how to master my body’s processes and I have bundled it all  for you in an easy to implement, step by step process that holds your hand the entire way, making it effortless for you to take the reigns in your life.  It eliminates all the guesswork to unlocking your body’s natural energy and living in vibrant health.

What took me decades to uncover and refine I have packaged perfectly to help you make a massive shift in you're your body and in your life, all in less than 21 days.  And now we get to go thru it together, in a group setting with our own private FB Community.  I am so excited to take you on this journey of transformation and awakening.

My next group program starts February 3rd, so please make sure you register in time by clicking on the button.  See you inside!




Using my therapeutic grade, organic herbal tonics, organic food-grade herbal multi-vitamins and organic supplements, we pull the stress and toxicity out of your body, repair your liver, clean out your gut, purify your blood and bring your cells back to life.

  • Regain your energy so it is strong and consistent all day long.
  • Let go of stubborn weight so you feel light in your body.
  • Repair your gut and get rid of the unhealthy bacteria and yeast so you can actually absorb your nutrients.
  • Balance your hormones so your mood is positive, inspired and motivated.
  • Sleep peacefully thru the night so you wake feeling rested and ready to get out of bed.
  • Reduce inflammation so your body works quicker and feels better than ever before.


For 21 days, you will be eating plant based foods for 3 meals a day without limitation or deprivation. Meals will consist of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, grains, super foods, herbal teas, etc.

  • Know exactly what to eat and how to prepare your food with done for you food lists, shopping lists, and recipes.
  • Stay healthy and make positive choices on the go with our recommended snack list & quick grab ideas.
  • Be social, enjoy yourself and maintain your lifestyle while cleansing with our dining out suggestions.
  • Be social, enjoy yourself and maintain your lifestyle while cleansing with our dining out suggestions.
  • Repair and fuel your cells for maximum energy and life force by feeding them high quality, high vibrational nutrients.
  • End destructive mental chatter about food, creating a new relationship with yourself and with your food.
  • Reformat your palate so your body craves new foods and you experience long term results.


Therapeutic grade herbal supplements, organic superfood, plant based food, and strategic timing and implementation of all is critical to activating your body’s natural healing ability and to harness your inherent energy. My step by step, turn key cleanse kit includes everything you need to execute your cleanse with ease and precision.

  • Fully loaded cleanse kit delivers all the products you need right to your doorstep, eliminating the need to go looking for anything.
  • 21 day step by step, daily schedule eliminates all confusion about what to do when, making it effortless to stay on track.
  • Therapeutic grade, organic herbal formulas mobilize toxins and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.
  • 45 day raw, food grade herbal multi-vitamin provides extra nutrients for your body in a form it can actually absorb.
  • Quickstart pocket guidebook lays out all details in an easy to follow, easy to implement format, eliminating all guesswork in how to navigate the process.
  • Pocket size guidebook and journal make it easy to throw in your bag to reference throughout the day.
  • Cleanse kit is small and compact, making it easy to carry with you so you can stay on track in any situation.


Support and guidance are key ingredients to accomplishing any goal. Inside my 21 VIP Group Cleanse program starting February 3rd, you have access to our private FB Community and weekly FB Live coaching sessions with me. Plus you will receive daily support emails and how to videos to make sure you are fully prepared and know exactly what to do in any situation.  This will make it easy to stay on track and be inspired the entire time as you will have cheerleaders in your corner.

  • Be fully prepared, informed and educated to successfully rock your cleanse with emails and how to videos delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Avoid overwhelm and confusion with our easy to implement, super lifestyle friendly suggestions and guidance.
  • Learn creative nutrition & lifestyle “hacks” in our videos that make being healthy super easy and effortless so you create new long term habits.
  • Understand how to trouble shoot and stay on track despite any situation that may arise.
  • Stay motivated and inspired with our daily emails of that keep you focused, positive, and provide extra tips and suggestions.
  • Understand exactly how to transition off the cleanse with the help and guidance of our support emails and our Cleanse Transition Guide.



  • 100% Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients.
  • Free of binders, fillers, stabilizers, sweeteners and artificial ingredients.
  • Each herb is individually extracted rather than collectively in order to capture the full energetic and medicinal value of the herb.
  • Every batch is 3rd party tested for heavy metals, aflotoxin, arsenic, e.coli & microbactera.
  • Liquid formulas allow for immediate absorption and utilization despite the health of the system.
  • Glass bottles for safety and purity.


PLUS: You Get These Brilliant Bonuses!

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See What our students have to say


Lisa Williams

“Nykki’s Cleanse totally changed my life. I feel healthy, have more energy, and have lost 40 lbs in 5 months. With the help of Nykki, I have shifted the dead weight in every area of my life and I’m happy. Not only that I have seen the transformation within me as a person. I have clarity, peace, and have opened my heart to the world. I have regained strength, held my head up high, and walked my path of what I believe to be true.”

Lisa Williams Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse

“A few weeks prior to getting started with Nykki’s 21 Cleanse, I had a tumor removed from my thyroid. I was feeling sluggish, congested and lacked overall energy. Once I got started with the cleanse/diet, I could immediately feel a difference in my overall energy, as I simultaneously lost weight. I also experienced a major increase in clarity and many of my friends alluded to the fact that my face was glowing. Never heard that one before! I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate effects the cleanse was having on my body.

What I love about the cleanse is that it doesn’t ask me to stop eating, but rather, it gives me a roadmap on how to improve my eating, while taking the cleanse medicine at the same time. And, I really enjoyed eating healthy. Nykki’s approach to the cleanse is extremely thorough and well designed. I highly recommend her cleanse to anyone who is willing to put their old eating patterns aside and take on a whole new way of living.”

Adam Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse

“Change your life right now! Do this cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit. Nykki’s 21 Cleanse works on a deep cellular level to repair and restore the body’s homeostasis, which greatly affects the chemical balance of the mind. I definitely cleanse for the incredible physiological health benefits but I also cleanse because of the stronger connection to spirit that I generate. Creating a schedule and regimen for My well being as an act of this cleanse helps me build that act into a habit that I can use an approach towards all aspects of my life; thus making this cleanse an integral part of my life and something I will forever participate in. Even now on my travels around the world, I am putting my order in for another kit!!! I can’t praise this cleanse enough. Love yourself and cleanse with Nykki.”

Elyce Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse

Dr. Catherine DeUgarte

“Nykki is fantastic and has taught me more about nutrition than I learned in Medical School. Nykki has helped me with my process of self education so that I can help others. After Nykki’s 21 Cleanse program I feel better, have more energy, lost weight, and my cholesterol dropped 40 points in just two weeks! I can now educate my patients so that they can lead a healthier life and have healthier pregnancies and babies.”

Dr. Catherine DeUgarte Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse
Cassandra Ogier,  Founder/Director, The Reflective Horse

“Nykki’s 21 Cleanse was a turning point for me. When I was introduced to Nykki, there was something about her energy level and focus that had me following her out the door to ask questions. With Nykki’s 21 I began to see and experience everything more clearly, like the window to my physical, intellectual, and emotional self had been cleaned and the light started to shine in.

Nykki’s instruction and guidance was clear and positive and I found myself with more energy, acute clarity, and a surge in my life force. The change in my eating habits has become a daily consciousness. I’m sure its not a co-incidence that my life is flourishing in all ways, and I’m about to start my 2nd cleanse! Thanks Nykki for your inspiration.”

Cassandra Ogier, Founder/Director, The Reflective Horse Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse
Jennifer Vega

“I started the year off with Nykki’s 21 cleanse and it’s the best thing I have ever done. I am a Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and loved everything about what Nykki created. I was so ready for a shift in my life, and that’s exactly what I got. I shed some long held limiting beliefs and about 8 pounds of toxic weight. I have changed my outlook on food completely. I was clean to begin with, but did have challenges with sugar. I no longer crave sugar, or anything that doesn’t serve my body. I highly recommend Nykki’s cleanse and will also recommend it to my clients! Nykki is highly knowledgeable and has years of training in health and wellness. She created this cleanse to support long term lifestyle shifts and she has succeeded.

Jennifer Vega Did the 21 Day VIP Cleanse


  • Do you ship internationally?

    Absolutely. We ship all over the world. There is simply a $45 international shipping charge which is transacted at checkout.

  • What is a cleanse?

    A cleanse is a strategic approach via diet and lifestyle to purify the body of foreign substances known as toxins. Generally speaking, it is a health regimen designed to eliminate toxins from the system in order to restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

  • What can I eat?

    WHOLE FOODS. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, cold-pressed oils, super foods, fresh squeezed juices, fresh coconuts… the list goes on, and we provide it. You will not feel deprived!

    You will be avoiding animal products, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, gluten, anything processed or artificial, and all canned goods.

    We provide food and shopping lists so you know exactly what you should and should not eat while on the cleanse.

    We recommend eating 3 meals a day following our food guidelines.

  • Will I be Hungry?

    Most of our cleansers find that their appetite shrinks and they actually end up asking if they have to eat. It is amazing what happens when the body starts to absorb its nutrients.

    Sometimes people experience a bit of hunger in the beginning as they transition to eating lighter foods. This is not because they cannot eat, it is simply because their food choices are different. This wanes quickly and soon they feel full fast and really enjoy the new foods their body is now craving.

  • Will I be running to the bathroom?

    Not at all. Our formulas are designed to heal and repair the body, especially the gut and colon.

    They assist in the elimination process and in healing the elimination channel, they are not laxatives that make you run to the rest room giving you the illusion you are flushing your system. Your elimination should be normal and not urgent or out of control.

  • What are the herbs in the supplements?

    100% Organic or wildcrafted ingredients. 3rd party tested, individually extracted, etc.

  • What if I have travel planned?

    No problem. We have a travel tutorial video and have hundreds of cleansers successfully navigate their cleanse while traveling. We even had a high profile celebrity do the cleanse during a multi-city tour.

  • Can I have coffee and wine?

    You are a big kid and this is your choice. We advise not to have coffee or wine while on your cleanse as these are not in alignment with allow your body to heal and to activate your inherent energy. However, you can choose whatever you want to do.

  • What do I do after?

    This is truly up to you how you want to live your life after you do the cleanse. Our support emails assist you in transitioning from the cleanse back into your lifestyle. Our VIP cleanse also comes with a great bonus – the cleanse transition guide – so you know exactly what to do.

  • Can I still work out?

    Absolutely. Most people say their workouts become stronger while on the cleanse. Many that don’t exercise actually start some kind of a movement/workout plan as a result of the cleanse. They have so much energy and feel so good in their body they want to move.

  • What if I am on medication?

    We always advise to check with your doctor before starting any health regimen. We have had many cleansers on a wide variety of medications go thru the cleanse with massive success.

    While we are not doctors and do not give medical advice, our support videos offer suggestions as to some of the best approaches to navigating the cleanse and taking medication. These same approaches have helped many people have wild success with their cleanse and still continue to take their medication.

  • Will I keep the weight off?

    This depends on you and how you choose to move forward after your cleanse. If you return to eating sugar, drinking beer and eating pizza every day, the answer is probably yes. We find most cleansers really take to the food that they eat on the cleanse and integrate new habits as a result.

    For most cleansers, if they have a short slip after and fall into a cycle of making choices that are not the most positive, their body bounces back quickly as a result of the cleanse when they return to eating clean.

  • What kind of reactions can I expect?

    Properly preparing for the cleanse by following the pre-cleanse diet significantly reduces potential cleansing reactions. Our program eases the body into the detoxification process so there is no big shock to the system.

    Reactions are actually positive as they are signposts that the body is eliminating excess toxins and restoring its ability to heal itself.

    Most cleansing symptoms are similar to the common cold including lack of energy, headache, stomach ache, nausea, fever, chills, and mood swings. Symptoms will depend upon existing toxicity levels as well as your ability to follow the guidance of the program.

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